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Lunar Caravans

Lunar Caravans
Lunar Caravans

Born of two men’s passion more than 40 years ago, the Lunar story is one of dedication and passion for crafting a caravan that is nothing less than pure class.

Lunar was established in 1969 by co-founders Brian Talbot and Ken Wilcock, both of whom worked as joiners for Knowsley Caravans, before setting up Lunar. In 1969, inspired by the moon landing mission, Brian Talbot and Ken Wilcock chose ‘Lunar’ as the name of their caravan manufacturing business.  Initially based at Earnshaw Bridge, Farington, near Preston, Lunar then moved to a former mill site in Lostock Hall.

In 1974 the Lunar Clubman was born. This new up-market Lunar was showcased at the Earls Court Caravan Show and stunned many caravanners with its craftsmanship and beauty. To accompany the Clubman range, the luxurious, yet lightweight Delta was launched in 1980.

The 1990’s saw the birth of two more legendry models, the little Ariva and the Lexon. At the beginning of the millennium, the Lunar was purchased from Ken and Brian by the Tirus Group who already owned a number of caravan manufacturing plants in Europe.

In 2001, Lunar launched another innovative model, the two berth Stellar with its superb end kitchen. The first range of Quasars was launched in 2004, setting new standards in lightweight family tourers.

In 2007, a management buyout of Lunar was finalised and secured the company’s return to British ownership. Since being freed from its European shackles, Lunar has invested in new facilities, sophisticated new design software and a wide range of new manufacturing equipment.

Throughout the Lunar story one ethos remains constant; the passion and pride for building caravans that are undoubtedly the best in lightweight luxury touring.